Permanent Jewelry | What You Need To Know

Permanent Jewelry | What You Need To Know

Though jewelry serves primarily to accessorize and enhance outfits, many jewelry pieces have a deeper meaning behind them. Whether your favorite piece is a family heirloom, a gift from a loved one, or a relic from a memorable trip, jewelry often holds significant value beyond that of a pretty object. Permanent Bracelets, also known as Forever Bracelets, are a relatively new trend among individuals, couples, close friends, and family members who wish to adorn themselves with a beautiful, intricate piece forever.


Of course, permanent jewelry often has a more emotional weight to it. People often schedule appointments to get Permanent Bracelets to commemorate a meaningful landmark in their friendship or relationship with someone. Many people have referred to these accessories as upscale permanent friendship bracelets. A Forever Bracelet appointment is also a brilliant date idea, especially during the holidays or special occasions. Permanent jewelry is a lovely choice if you’re looking for a sincere gift.


The Process and Materials Behind Permanent Bracelets


When you visit a welder who specializes in Permanent Bracelets, you will choose from 14K solid gold, gold-filled, or sterling silver for your delicate chain. In addition, you can request a birthstone, initial, or any niche charm addition, but many people love the plain chain look, too! Once you’ve chosen your materials, the welder will custom-fit the chain to your wrist and weld the two ends together.


Welding the chain onto your wrist ensures a permanent bracelet that remains a part of your daily ensemble. These ornate chains are intentional, elegant adornments for those who either want to feel connected to a loved one or appear gracefully bedecked every day. Although it is called permanent jewelry, note that you can always cut the chain with common household scissors if you need it taken off for whatever reason. But many people go years wearing a singular piece, as they complement every outfit and are too delicate to catch on clothing!


Book Your Appointment Today


Adding this refined ornament to your everyday look is a unique experience like no other. Whether you are doing it for yourself or to monumentalize a shared milestone, Forever Bracelet appointments are a brilliant holiday date for people of all ages, genders, and styles. Book your appointment today if you’re in the downtown San Antonio area and looking to get zapped.


Located at 119 Heiman Street inside a beauty studio called Beauty Haus, APT. 144 has endless options for timeless permanent jewelry that accompanies every style. We offer Forever Bracelet appointments starting at $44, so if you’re looking for things to do in San Antonio, visit us for your next holiday date!

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