apt .144

We are a small company with big plans.
Our mission is to create a safe environment that provides confidence with our sophisticated designs while also creating meaningful memories, connections, & vivacious self love.

APT. 144 is recognized as a pioneer in San Antonio, Texas for permanent jewelry. These ornate chains are intentionally welded shut around your wrist, anklet, or neck. They are elegant adornments for those who either want to feel connected to a loved one or appear gracefully bedecked every day.

We have also found passion in the piercing industry by curating and piercing ears. We transformed it into a safe and luxurious experience with expert craftsmanship, innovative fine jewelry & an individualized approach to styling.

Message from the creator

I've been creating my own way in fashion since I could remember. Always modifying my handbags, garments, accessories, etc. As I started to get into the industry more and more I found I had a strong passion for jewelry and how it can make or break an outfit. The leading objective for my brand is to create meaningful memories and incredible connections with one another.

  At the end of the day, I simply want to create with my community and give back to my community. 

Thank you for all the love and support.


- P.M