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Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry is custom fit to your wrist, anklet, or neck and welded shut so it stays on forever (or as long as you want it).⛓✨

These chains come in 14k Solid Gold, Silver, & Gold Filled. They are there to sparkle & make you happy!

We are located inside Beauty Haus at 119 Heiman St (Suite 300), San Antonio TX 🍒

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Our Styles & Pricing

We have a range of styles and limited edition chains. Sterling Silver and Gold Filled bracelets are priced by style and start at $44.

Our 14k Solid Gold chains are priced by style and sold per inch.

  • Step 1: Make an Appointment🌷

    Choose a time slot and get zapped at Beauty Haus, our partnered home in San Antonio. Appointments are limited, so book in advance!

  • Step 2: Choose your Chain ⛓

    Take your pick from our selection! We have all sorts of luxuries & afforable chains. Want more than one bracelet? Mix and match styles!

  • Step 3: Get Zapped ⚡️

    During your appointment, we’ll fit your chain and weld it together. Now you’re linked for life!

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What is Permanent Jewelry?

We custom fit and weld a chain directly on to you. This means that your Permanent Bracelet, Necklace, or Anklet is custom fit with no clasp. Just a little sparkle to make you happy!

Can I remove the chain myself?

Yes! If you need to remove the chain for whatever reason, common household scissors will do the trick.

We recommend cutting the small ring that connects the chain just in case you'd like to weld it back on.

Will this give me problems going through an airport?

Nope! You can travel far and wide with your forever chains.

Generally, delicate jewelry never needs to be removed when going through airport security.

Can I put my chains in water?

Yes! Our gold filled & sterling silver are okay to be submerged in water or come in contact with sunscreen, perfume, lotion, etc. Our Solid Gold can withstand pretty much anything!

Do you offer the chains in silver?

Yes! We have real silver & sterling silver chains for our silver lovers.

How long do they last?

This dependents on your lifestyle & the material you choose, but it can last you years! The color on our gold filled chains will last up to a year and our Solid Gold has a lifetime of color!

What if it breaks, is it fixable?

Depending on the break, we can weld it back together! In the rare occasion it breaks, you can book a Repair Appointment here.

Is the zapping safe?

Yes! Despite the spark, getting zapped does not mean physically zapped. The spark can not harm your skin or wrist in any way.

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